Are Crossbows Good for Home Defense?

are crossbows good for home defense
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There are lots of news reports these days about home intruders. Some residents are prepared, but most are not.

When talking about preparedness, what kind of weapon will you choose to defend your home and family?

Are crossbows good for home defense? Some people will laugh at this question, for sure, but others prefer using it as a weapon.

Let’s look at every angle to determine if it’s possible to use a crossbow to protect our homes.

Crossbows for Defense

A crossbow looks like a combination of a bow and a rifle. It has a fast string to release the arrow similar to a bow, and stock and trigger like a rifle.

The Chinese used crossbows in the fifth century BC and became one of their vital weapons during the Warring States period.

In the Western end, Greeks and Romans also used the crossbow during medieval times in Europe.

But can we still use them today to defend ourselves and protect our homes?

Crossbow for Home Defense

Most people these days would rather have a loaded gun inside their homes to protect them against intruders.

Still, few people do not like guns. Hence, the question "Are crossbows good for home defense?"

There are varying opinions about a crossbow’s effectiveness in defending the home against intruders.

However, there is no denying a crossbow’s worth and contribution as a weapon.

Nevertheless, one must be skilled or know how to use a crossbow for home defense.

Apart from understanding how it works, timing is of utmost importance, too.

Crossbows for Self Defense

Most of the time, we think of crossbows as hunting weapons or sports shooting tools. The truth is, you can also use it to protect yourself effectively.

A crossbow is technically placed under the firearm category by different legal authorities in other countries due to its deadly potential.

In the USA, crossbows are considered legal, but there are different crossbow rules per state when used for hunting.

There’s an instance where a first-time bowhunter had to use his crossbow to protect himself from the attack of a mountain lion.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department confirmed his claims.

Is a Crossbow a Good Survival Weapon?

The use of a crossbow to survive became popular again when used in movies and TV series.

In reality, learning how to use one offers advantages and benefits for the user.

A crossbow is easy to learn and use once you have mastered your way around one. Thus, training and practice make a lot of difference.

Shooting an arrow does not create any sound and will not blow-up your cover. Your target will not even realize it until they're hit.

This weapon allows you to quietly attack your target and strike it with a lethal shot of your arrow.

A crossbow may not be the best weapon, but it can be handy in a survival setting, especially if you are looking for a silent one.

are crossbows good for home defense

Is a Crossbow More Powerful Than a Gun?

We all know that guns are powerful, although it’s not a bad idea to have other options for weapons like crossbows for self defense and home protection.

Again, learning how to use a crossbow may be necessary since there might be instances where you need to use it instead of a gun.

It may not be as powerful as the gun, but there are things where crossbows are better.

Benefits of Crossbows Over Guns

Here are some reasons why crossbows are better than guns:

  • Inexpensive

Guns are more expensive compared to crossbows. Apart from the costly firearm, it would help if you also bought bullets and cartridges to use the weapon.

Contrastingly, you will find some crossbows under $300 that you can add to your arsenal as an alternative weapon in case you need one.

There’s no need to spend extra cash to buy a quarrel as making an improvised one does not require many skills and materials.

  • Silent Operation

Firing a gun creates a loud sound. It’s disadvantageous since it can expose your location, whether you are trying to fend off home intruders or hunting animals.

Crossbows are silent except for the arrow’s sound as it cuts through the air, especially when hushed.

  • Do Not Backfire

Guns usually backfire after firing, especially high-caliber ones. The force may even cause you to fall if your stance is not correct.

On the other hand, crossbows have little to no recoil. You can shoot an arrow in any position as long as you know how to aim at your target.

  • Easy To Master

Using a gun requires training because it’s more than just pulling the trigger.

You have to exert time and effort to handle a gun correctly.

It would be best to learn how to load bullets, assemble and disassemble a gun, aim, and stand the right way to hit your target.

Crossbows are easy to master, and training will not take too much of your time.

It would be best if you practiced how to aim and shoot the arrow.

  • Unlimited Use of Arrows

Bullets are limited since you can only use it once. It would help if you restocked once you have used up your supply.

Arrows, on the other hand, are reusable. You can either retrieve a quarrel or make a new one out of tree branches.

How Long Will a Crossbow Last?

There’s no specific answer to how long your crossbow will last. Different enthusiasts will provide varying responses.

Some say ten years at the most. Others count the number of arrows they have shot as their guide.

That said, maintaining your crossbow correctly plays a significant role in prolonging its life expectancy.

Crossbow Maintenance

To ensure that you can maximize its lifespan, you have to know how to care for your weapon. Failure to care for your crossbow will affect its performance.

Here are some things you need to do to keep your crossbow in perfect working condition.

  • Wax the String

The first and probably the most vital step in caring for your crossbow is to regularly wax the strings.

Typically, a wax tube comes as an inclusion in the original package, together with the instruction manual, where the waxing frequency recommendation is indicated.

You must apply the wax to the string’s length except for the one above the arrow rail to prevent the trigger box from gumming up.

Rubbing the wax with your fingers after application helps melt it, allowing it to stick longer on the string.

  • Lubricate the Rail

This process helps increase your shooting accuracy since it provides smoother traction of the bolt with less friction.

Put two drops of non-Vaseline based lubricant in the center of the rail. Use your fingers to spread it to the whole length.

  • Lubricate the Trigger Box and Mounting Bolts

Use one to two drops of the same lubricant to your crossbow’s trigger box and visible mounting bolts.

This process helps protect the bolts against damage and corrosion because of exposure to different weather conditions.

Are Crossbows Good for Home Defense: The Conclusion

Most people would say that something is always better than nothing.

There were several documented reports about people protecting their properties from intruders using a crossbow instead of firearms.

Crossbows have come a long way from the first time the Greeks used it for battle.

There are plenty of modern versions that can be effective in defending your homes from bad guys.

It would be best to remember that a weapon’s reliability depends on the user’s preparation and knowledge of using it.

That said, a crossbow can be as effective as any other weapon if you learn the technique on how to maximize its potential.

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