Best Bow Release Under $50 of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best bow release under $50
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Gone are those days when one had to have years of experience with the bow and arrow to shoot it magnificently.

You can now use modern bows to make you appear skillful even if you are a beginner. 

That said, these modern bows like the compound bow aren’t something that you should take lightly.

Shooting it the traditional way won’t unleash its full potential.

This is why you should use helpful accessories like the best bow release under $50 for you to shoot better. 

Let's talk about five bow release products that will make a dramatic difference in your shooting accuracy

Comparison Chart

TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release

Bow & Arrow College Compound Bow Release

Scott Archery Quick Shot Release

TY Archery Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release

SHENG-RUI Archery Release Aid

Best Bow Release Under $50

1. TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release

TruFire is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of archery release aids. They lead the way with innovation and product development.

Their bow releases deliver reliability, greater accuracy, and functionality at the range and even up to a decade of use.

TruFire bow releases have been around since the early 1980s. At present, they offer a wide range of them, each with different designs and features.

The various bow releases from this brand ensure that every single archer, whether young or old or an amateur or a professional, will find one that fits their needs perfectly.

The Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release is one of the most popular ones in their arsenal.

Product Highlights

For archers on the lookout for great performance without breaking the bank, the TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release is an ideal option.

The bow release is made from nylon, which makes it comfortable to use even for extended periods.

Its foldable Velcro strap allows for a hands-free operation so that you can mainly focus on your aim instead of constantly keeping the straps out of your way.

The TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release fits on both the left and right hands and rotates at a full 360-degree angle.

This feature makes this release incredibly versatile.

While you may not want to share this perfect bow release with anyone, it fits almost any hand size.

It is also engineered for durability and well-known for how rugged and compact it is, making it perfect for traveling.

The TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release has a durable steel trigger.

It offers a smoother release, whether you are shooting with it for the first time or even the thousandth.

You can also adjust the sensitivity to control the trigger travel.

What We Like

For an amazing option with a reasonable price tag, the TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release is truly brilliant.

The makers have made no compromises in the product’s quality, comfort, durability, and accuracy.

We also like the foldable Velcro strap since it makes using it more convenient.

What We Did Not Like

The TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release is not ideal if you are someone with extraordinarily big hands.  

Additionally, since it is not spring-loaded, it requires you to push the trigger forward to lock it, which can be frustrating over time.


  • check
    Durable and rugged
  • check
    Adjustable trigger
  • check
    Value for money
  • check
    Compatible with both hands


  • Non-spring-loaded trigger

2. Bow and Arrow College Compound Bow Release Aid

If you're on a tight budget and still need a good quality bow release, we recommend trying the one from the brand Bow and Arrow College.

This is a small company making archery-related products from good quality materials and selling them at a highly reasonable price.

This compound bow release is ideal for those new to archery and trying to get better at it.

Product Highlights

The compound bow release by Bow and Arrow College is a budget-friendly product.

It is made to be used with bows and arrows with a draw strength of less than 65 pounds.

While this may not particularly be great for experienced archers, young and new archers can truly benefit from this.

The Bow and Arrow College Compound Bow Release Aid has buckle straps to provide easy grip.

Another great thing about this bow release is that it is completely customizable. You can adjust it as per your wrist size.

This makes it fit almost any person regardless of age.

Additionally, the Bow and Arrow College Compound Bow Release Aid has a 360-degree rotation clamp head.

Its fail-safe trigger, along with the quick-loading draw, ensures you do not miss a shot as speed and accuracy are maximized.

There is also an adjustable trigger with a zero travel and self-loading hook design to help you focus on your aim better. 

The Bow and Arrow College Compound Bow Release has also been engineered for heightened speed.

As such, every user can be at the top of their game.

Its forward trigger design will also optimize maximum draw length and speed, giving quicker access when you're on the field.

This is lightweight and small, making it perfect for any hunter or archer's use or while traveling.

What We Like

There's a lot to like with the Bow and Arrow College Compound Bow Release Aid.

For starters, it is extremely affordable and beginner-friendly.

We also like that it is completely adjustable and portable.

Lastly, it is fairly quick on the field and helps the archer shoot better, too.

What We Did Not Like

While the quality of this product is good, it does not mean it’s phenomenal.

The Bow and Arrow College Compound Bow Release Aid cannot withstand rough use, which can pose a problem for some beginners and children. 


  • check
    Lightweight and small
  • check
    Easily adjustable
  • check
    Increases accuracy
  • check
    360-degree swivel


  • Not meant for rough use

3. Scott Archery Quick Shot Release

Scott Archery is a one-stop-shop for bow releases. They have been around for more than 30 years now and managed to gain a massive fan following.

A quick look at their official website and you will find a wide range of bow releases.

Every single one of them will fit the different needs and preferences of an archer.

Furthermore, the wide range of bow releases also come at different price points.

As such, whether you are on the market for a budget-friendly bow release or a high-end one, you are most likely going to find the one you want.

The Quick Shot Release is just one of the favorites in their wide range of products.

Product Highlights

The Scott Archery Quick Shot Release is a brilliant option for archers.

That's all thanks to its amazing wrist release, along with a sleek design.

The wrist release is made using premium materials that offer superior comfort.

If that’s not enough, the Scott Archery Quick Shot Release features the company’s signature single jaw caliper design.

The trigger break is crisp and light, which will help you make the most accurate shots, all while being comfortable on the wrist.

This is one of the company’s most durable designs and can outlast even the high-end bow releases on the market.

It can withstand harsh elements of hunting without sacrificing comfort or weight. It was also engineered to help you achieve great speed.

The Scott Archery Quick Shot Release also comes with a buckle strap made of leather.

It also has a rope connector that you can adjust to fit your wrist perfectly.

If you are a youth archer, we would highly recommend this one since it is specifically designed for you.

What We Like

The Scott Archery Quick Shot Release is a great option for archers looking for comfortable and dependable technology on a tight budget.

It is well-built, which makes it long-lasting; thus, offering maximum efficiency and skill.

We also like the signature single jaw caliper design.

What We Did Not Like

We would have liked it if the Scott Archery Quick Shot Release had a bit more padding.

That is because it tends to get a bit uncomfortable when worn for extended periods.


  • check
    Made with premium materials
  • check
    Fits most hands
  • check
    Highly durable


  • Needs more padding

4. TY Archery Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release

TY Archery is a small company selling a variety of products on online shopping sites.

They are best known for the affordability of their products.

This adjustable bow release from this company is an excellent option for people starting in the field of archery.

This budget-friendly, durable, and easy-to-use bow release comes with a surprising number of features. 

Product Highlights

The TY Archery Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release is a simple product that should be in every new archer’s arsenal.

This item on our best bow release under $50 list will fit most hands, but it best fits medium to large hands.

It comes with a wrist strap that will provide a comfortable and quick fit.

This feature also allows you to make minor tweaks to the adjustment as per your needs.

It is made from comfortable and high-quality nylon and has a full wrap design.

That, along with its suede lining, ensures that you will not find it uncomfortable even if you are wearing it for extended periods.

The TY Archery Compound Bow Release has an interesting camo design that works well when you are hunting. 

It also features a 360-degree rotating caliper head design that works well, whether you are a left-handed or a right-handed person.

To further increase its durability, the trigger is made from quality steel.

This not only ensures a smooth release but will also last for years if used properly.

The TY Archery Compound Bow Release is designed to be used only with compound bows up to 65 pounds.

What We Like

The TY Archery Compound Bow Release is a good choice for new archers since it is sufficiently padded and easy to use.

It has an easy-grip buckle strap that fastens to the wrist without any issues.

The fabric is quite comfortable and seems to be quite durable.

We particularly liked the release’s camo design. It not only looks good but also works well when you are hunting.

What We Did Not Like

Unfortunately, the TY Archery Compound Bow Release does not have the best fit for small hands.

That means not every kid will be able to use this bow release.


  • check
    Nice design
  • check
    Durable and highly functional
  • check
    Ample padding
  • check
    Easy to use


  • Not ideal for smaller hands

5. Sheng-Rui Archery Release Aid

Sheng-Rui is a small brand that sells only archery-related products on online shopping sites.

Their products are ideal for those who are on a tight budget.

This brand's bow release is easy to use, with not too many frills attached.

Product Highlights

The Sheng-Rui Archery Release Aid is only meant for use with compound bows up to 65 pounds.

It comes in two color options: black and camo. Both are well designed, and the camo one is almost identical to the one we reviewed earlier.

There is an adjustable and comfortable sponge padded wrist strap along with a long and sturdy Velcro.

The Sheng-Rui Archery Release Aid also comes with a 360-degree rotating caliper head.

It is designed for both left-handed and right-handed people and prevents string torque.

The Sheng-Rui Bow Release’s jaws shut by simply pushing the trigger forward and offers a supremely smooth trigger action.

This is great because it not only saves your effort on drawing the string but also prevents your fingers from bruising or blistering when shooting.

This is also a precision trigger, and upon getting used to it, it will help your accuracy at shooting.

Specifically, it will help you have a consistent release every time you shoot.

Additionally, it helps in stabilizing the release to a noticeable degree, making it a good choice if you're looking for the best bow release for accuracy.

What We Like

We liked the simplicity of the Sheng-Rui Bow Release. It is easy to use but still highly functional.

We also like that there are two color options.

We also love that the Sheng-Rui Bow Release is comfortable to use even for extended periods.

Another thing we love the most is the precision trigger that helps the user have consistent shots. 

What We Did Not Like

The quality of the Sheng-Rui Bow Release is just okay. It cannot be used under harsh conditions.


  • check
    Ample padding
  • check
    Precision trigger
  • check
    Different color choices
  • check


  • Average quality

Buyers Guide

All of the bow releases we featured above will certainly help up your game the next time you are on the field when you use your bow and arrow.

That said, familiarizing yourself with the important aspects of a bow release can help you decide better which one to choose. 

Keep in mind that there are different models of bow releases with different types and designs that are all available for your selection.

You need to find a bow release with these three important functions: pulling, gripping, and smooth releasing of the bowstring. 

After finding one that fits that criteria, make sure that it is adjustable as per your comfort needs.

Here are the different features to keep in mind:


Make sure that you are selecting a bow release with the right length.

Having excessive lengths to the release can reduce the draw length, which further reduces the speed of the arrow.

This can all be avoided by trying out different bow releases.


Each bow release on the market works perfectly only with a particular kind of string.

Some bowstrings will be set up in a metal nock or a D loop, or even a metal fastener as release connectivity.

Hence, you must ensure that it is perfectly compatible with your string setup before purchasing your bow release. 


While most wrist bow releases tend to be one size fits most, you must pay close attention to the release’s adjustability.

Keep in mind that everyone’s hand size can differ. Some have tiny hands, while some have really big hands.

Hence, look for one with buckle straps or a Velcro strap so that they are flexible enough to be adjusted as per the grip of your hand.


Bow releases can be modified so that they can perfectly fit the preferences of the archer.

You will find some models with ultra-sensitivity to the trigger so that the arrow gets released with just little movement.

You can also find features such as adjustable trigger tension and a rotating head.


When you are either holding or wearing a bow release on your hand for extended periods.

Even if you buy the best bow release for accuracy, the level of comfort should be a top priority so that it does not affect your shot.

Wrist releases tend to be popular with archers because they feature ample padding.

Look for one that has the right amount of padding. It should not be too little, nor should it be too much.

Noise Level

If you are looking for the best bow release for hunting, it is unacceptable to have noisy equipment.

Make sure you’re not buying a release that makes a clicking sound when you’re pulling the trigger or attaching it to the string.

Even the slightest sound can startle your prey, which would make it run away at full speed.


While we reviewed bow releases under $50, it is still important that you have a price range in your mind.

Bow releases in different price ranges can determine the quality of the product.

If you are using one for professional use, make sure you select only the best bow release that perfectly suits your needs and proficiency.

Bow Release FAQs 

1. Is a thumb release more accurate?

Not necessarily since it depends on your skill level.

The thumb release tends to be more popular among hunters.

That is because it is typically smaller and lighter, making it even better when avoiding target panic.

Another upside to a thumb release is that it is easier to use and is more consistent to anchor with. In addition, it is more versatile. 

The downside, though, is that thumb releases tend to be more expensive than wrist releases.

2. Can you shoot a compound bow without a release?

Yes, you can shoot a compound bow without a release if the bow allows it.

However, many archers avoid it because the compound bow’s string has a steeper angle.

Such a design makes it easier for the fingers to slide up to the arrow and touch it upon release.

This isn't good since you can always end up unintentionally interfering with the arrow’s flight.

More importantly, shooting a compound bow without a release can be quite uncomfortable.

3. Does a stabilizer help on a bow?

Yes, it is always a good idea to use a stabilizer on a bow. It comes in a variety of configurations and sizes, but the purpose is the same.

A stabilizer can significantly reduce vibration when you release the arrow and stabilize the bow by increasing its inertia.

Without a stabilizer, the bow can feel unstable while you aim, which could potentially make it more difficult to hold the bow stationary.

4. Can you use a release with a recurve bow?

You can use a bow release with a recurve bow in theory, but most archers don’t use one when they are shooting with them.

The limbs on a recurve bow are longer and designed to be shot with the fingers.

Still, if you feel more comfortable using a bow release on a recurve bow, it’s completely fine. It is more of a personal preference.

5. Can you hunt with a back tension release?

Yes, you can most definitely make use of a back tension release for hunting.

It releases the bowstring to launch the arrow at a game animal.

It does so with the utmost accuracy, making it the best bow release for hunting. 

Final Verdict

These best bow release under $50 will add accuracy and precision to any of your targets, which, in turn, would increase your chances of making the perfect shot or shooting your prey when you hunt.

While the bow releases we reviewed will fit your needs perfectly, our personal favorite is the TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release.

For starters, it comes from one of the best brands for bow releases.

Second, it has a head that swivels 360 degrees, is completely adjustable, and quite comfortable.

We’re certain that you would like this one, too!

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