CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Camo Review

CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Camo
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Quick Overview





  • Shoots up to 400 FPS, with 185 lb draw
  • Quality can be compared with more expensive ones
  • Narrow width allows for tight shots


  • It is not light

If hunting is your passion, then most probably you must have already considered buying a hunting crossbow. The range from very expensive to incredibly affordable and offer a high impact force and precision while being deadly and silent.

Even if you are not a hunter, crossbows can be interesting for everyday fun and competition with your friends.

However, choosing the right crossbow might be a bit tricky sometimes. They all look cool, but there are various things to consider in order to select the best one for the price.

Today, we are reviewing one of the best on the market by a company called CenterPoint. Let's see what it has on offer.

CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Camo

This crossbow is very affordable, and most people will be able to get one. It offers great quality compared to its price, and many satisfied owners around the world are happy with its build and durability. It also looks very nice and is excellent for professional hunters, amateurs, and hobbyists.

Who is this product for?

At first, you might have been wondering if this product is good enough for hunting. The answer is, it definitely is. If you are a professional hunter, this crossbow is an excellent choice.

Also, if you are just a beginner, or just hunt sometimes as a hobby, this crossbow is a great choice, having in mind its very affordable price.

What’s included?

When you order, you will get a crossbow in a compact, quality package. The crossbow will be disassembled, but you will also get a manual on how to assemble it.

However, you don’t have to worry. You can assemble it in a couple of minutes, even without the manual. The crossbow consists of a few parts, so if you think that some part is missing, check the manual first, then contact the company. You will also get three arrows in the package.

Overview of features

This crossbow comes with a few great features, useful in hunting. First, let’s mention that with a weight of 7.8 pounds, and 9.2 pounds with all the included accessories, it is a bit heavier than an average crossbow.

If you have never used a crossbow before, you might look for one that is lighter than 7 pounds.

However, the fact is that its weight might give you a sense of power and strength when it comes to this weapon. Another thing to note is that it has a very compact design and compression fiberglass quad limbs. Furthermore, it has a whisper silencing system, and a 14-inch axle to axle width while cocked.

It has a 185 lb draw force which is slightly more than an average crossbow but is not something that can’t be managed by hunters with some experience. It uses 20-inch arrows which are great for most types of hunting.

When it comes to assembling the crossbow, there is no particular explanation on how to assemble this bow since it is pretty straightforward to put together. You might want to check the provided manual first if you are inexperienced with assembling crossbows.

The crossbow consists of a few parts and you can assemble it in literally a couple of minutes. The only case when a problem might arise is if you don’t receive all the parts, however, the chances for that are minimal. If that happens, be sure to contact the company.


  • Shoots up to 400 FPS, with 185 lb draw
  • Quality can be compared with more expensive ones
  • Narrow width allows for tight shots


  • It is not light


This is a fantastic crossbow if you have in mind its price and the quality that you will get. However, you might still not be satisfied with it. If you want to buy a different one, be sure to check the following alternatives.

The first, the Ambush 360, is a fantastic crossbow. The price is similar, but note that the bow weighs around 6.7 pounds, which is ideal for beginners as it is easy to maneuver.

Secondly, take a look at the Excalibur Axe 340 as it is a pretty decent option that will allow beginners to get the feel of a crossbow without having to fork out huge amounts of money.


So, is this crossbow worth it? It definitely is! The fact is that although it is pretty affordable, it is perfect for professional hunting, and its narrow width allows shooting from bushes or trees, which is a handy feature.

On the other hand, even if you are an amateur or a hobbyist, this crossbow will also suit your needs. You won’t have to pay much to see if you like it or not since the price is pretty reasonable.

However, if this crossbow doesn’t suit your needs, be sure to check some of the alternatives that we have provided.

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