Hawke 3×32 IR Crossbow Scope Review

hawke 3x32 ir crossbow scope review
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Quick Overview





  • Wide field of view
  • Weatherproof optics coatings and turret cover
  • Great for low light scenarios
  • Clear, focused view even when magnified


  • No scope rings included
  • Limited to 70-yard reticles

The built-in scopes that come on many crossbows are passable, but hunters often decide to upgrade to something better.

There are many crossbow scopes on the market, so it can be hard to choose between them without getting a complete look.

Thorough reviews like our Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope review can help you make a choice easier than the guesswork often involved in scope shopping.

Consider what is lacking in your current crossbow set up, and use the review's information to see if this Hawke model will solve your issues.

Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope

Hawke is a well-known British company that has been making high-quality optic scopes for many years.

They also do repairs at no charge for any malfunctions in their products, saving you time in looking for a professional to work on your scope after owning it for years.

The Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope is one of the highest-rated and most popular scopes in their arsenal.

It's a high-quality scope that offers a great variety of features for nearly any situation.

In fact, many hunters and archers choose it when they need to upgrade their scopes, and for a good reason.

Who Is This Product For?

The Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope is a great choice for beginner, intermediate level, and highly experienced hunters and archers.

Not only is it easy to use. The crisp, clear images make it very easy for you to see while hunting, get familiar with your targets, and make clean aims.

Most people will find that the Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope performs well, has good durability, and is overall a great value for its price.

Hunters who hunt at very long distances, though, may want something that has more magnification.

While the 3x magnification on the Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope is very strong and clear, long-distance hunters will likely want something even stronger with a wider field of view.

Still, it's a solid choice for many hunting scenarios and those who simply want to view targets with their crossbow for now.

What’s Included?

In addition to the IR crossbow scope, you'll receive flip-up covers, a lens cloth, and the necessary CR2032 battery for the illumination system when you order the Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope.

No other additional accessories are included with this crossbow scope, but it has the necessary guides and info to help you mount it on most crossbows.

Overview of Features

Learning more about the scope’s specifics in this Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope review can help you decide better if it's ideal for your specific needs.

As such, let's take an in-depth look at what it can offer:

  • Overall Design

The Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope is durable and set for crossbow speeds of up to 340 feet per second.

It's made from aluminum and weighs in at approximately 11.04 ounces.

The eye relief on this scope is four inches, which is a bit longer than some people may want for their setups but is very comfortable.

  • Multi-Dot Reticle and 3x Magnification

The reticle on the Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope has a 20-yard zero point.

From there, there are aim points for every 10-yard increment up to 70 yards.

It's a fixed-power scope with 3x magnification that gives you a crisp, clear view of what you are aiming at while hunting.

The focus when using the Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope is clear across the entire lens thanks to its 11-layer optics.

Additionally, the reticles are circles rather than crosshairs; some prefer this over crosshairs because they surround and don’t cover where you are aiming.

  • Red and Green Illumination

The Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope's saddle features a rheostat with five different brightness levels for both red and green illumination.

Unlike standard red dot scopes, this makes it easier to hunt at any time of day, night, and transitory times.

You can easily switch the illumination on and off.

It also prevents ghosting from the lights, which makes it easier and more comfortable to use while illumination is on.

While using this illumination, you can easily adjust through a number of different red and green settings to find what will work best.

  • Lens Protection From Fog and More

The optics of the Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope are all multi-coated with protective treatments.

These treatments help prevent etching, scratches, and fogginess from happening while the crossbow scope is in use.

Additionally, the scope has included flip-up covers that you can add or remove easily as needed to use during inclement weather and other scenarios.

  • Adjustable Turrets

The click-to-adjust turrets on this scope are very accurate, and they hold in place at zero without needing frequent adjustment.

They're also very low profile so you don't accidentally change them, and there are also metal turret covers included.

The turret covers are great for protecting the turrets from the weather, and they fit tight to ensure this protection.

How to Adjust a Scope on a Crossbow

From choosing the right crossbow scope to learning how to sight with a crossbow scope, beginners to crossbows have a few things to learn.

The idea to invest in a high-quality crossbow scope is a good one, but you need to learn how to use your scope properly.

In particular, learning how to adjust your scope is going to be very important.

Let’s learn a bit more about adjusting scopes, when to do it, and how to do it.

Before You Adjust Anything

Get to know your scope before you adjust anything.

Manufacturers typically recommend that you shoot around 1,000 arrows before making any changes to your scope.

Check your scope to find out what the recommendations for yours are.

Manufacturers recommend shooting with your scope first because every scope will sight a bit differently.

Depending on how it zeros, the eye relief, and a number of other factors, you need to become accustomed to your setup before you make changes.

Additionally, the manufacturer has already calibrated the scope, so it should be fairly accurate.

Of course, experienced crossbow users may feel comfortable making adjustments earlier for their specific conditions as needed.

Why Does It Need Adjusting?

Why do scopes sometimes need to be adjusted?

When you look through a scope like the Hawke 3x32 IR, there are multiple reticles for different distances.

These dots show you where to aim depending on your distance from an object or animal.

If these dots are not accurate to what they should be, you will have difficulty aiming properly.

That could cause you to miss your targets while hunting or have to shoot too many times while trying to down it.

Adjusting Your Scope

Most crossbow scopes have two adjustment knobs on them. One knob is for wind, while the other is for elevation.

You can adjust them to make sure that you are shooting accurately in your conditions.

When you adjust these knobs, you are adjusting how the crossbow will shoot.

Check your crossbow details to find out exactly what each adjustment does, but generally, each click adjusts for ¼” at a 100-yard distance.

The video below does a great job of breaking down the adjustment process.

To test how well your changes have worked, you can set up a target, measure out specific distances, and do test shots.

You should be able to shoot within about four inches of a target for your scope to be considered accurate.

Make sure you're using a three- to five-inch eye relief when sighting with your scope.

That's because changing the distance of your placement can also affect how you aim.

Adjusting the Hawke 3x32 IR Scope

With the 3x32 IR scope, the adjustable turrets are hidden underneath tight-fitting, weather-protection covers.

Once you remove the covers, it is effortless to adjust them.

The system uses positive ½” adjustments, and each click will easily change the zero point of your crossbow scope.


The Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope is definitely not for everyone because of differences in budget and needs.

Thus, we've scoured the market and found two other products worth considering.

Athlon Optics 8-34 x 56mm Argos BTR Riflescope

A popular alternative for those looking for an even more high-end option would be the Athlon Optics 8-34 x 56mm Argos BTR Riflescope.

It is great in many hunting scenarios and archery activities.

It has a lot of bells and whistles that make it a high-value choice even at its price point.

TRUGLO Crossbow 4X32 Compact Scope

For those looking for something similar in quality to the Hawke scope, the TRUGLO Crossbow 4X32 Compact Scope is a more affordable option with almost similar features.

One standout difference is that it has crosshair reticles instead of the more convenient circular reticles in the Hawke Scope.

Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope Review: Final Thoughts

The Hawke 3x32 IR Crossbow Scope is a fantastic choice for hunters and archers looking for a durable, accurate, and budget-friendly scope.

Not only are you getting a scope from a trusted brand, but one that will you can take conveniently in many adventures.

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