How Long Should Arrows Be?

How Long Should Arrows Be?
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The length of an arrow can not simply be estimated. Many factors should be looked at to determine what length an arrow should be. Some people will say the answer is simple.

You just take your draw length and add two inches to it, and you do that because your draw length may actually be longer. That is just the beginning of determining the length of the arrow. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

You don’t need to go too deep into the actual technicalities of determining the length of the arrow, because it will take too long to get to the actual shooting of the arrow, but one thing we know is that the arrows you use should be longer than your actual draw length. This is basic beginner-level information. If you are already an experienced archer, you can skip this information.

Determining the length of an arrow is different from person to person. To determine the length of the arrow that you are going to use with your bow, you should first determine your own draw length.

Determine your draw length

To begin, you must first determine your draw length. If you are an absolute beginner in archery, which may be the case if you are reading this article, you will have to start by getting your bow. The best way to get your draw length, without going into the details here, is to ask at the place where you are going to be taking lessons from.

Another option is to ask the person you are buying your bow from to help you determine your draw length. You should find an archery club or shooting range that can help you with this technicality.

How Long Should Arrows Be?

After you have determined your draw length as a beginner, you should add about two inches to that measurement, because your draw length may increase when you gain more experience.

We recommend this simply for your own safety, to make sure you don’t shoot yourself through the hand when you start shooting with your bow. Now, for the do-you-it-yourself people out there, here is a way to figure out your arrow length on your own.

How to determine your correct arrow length at home

There is an easy way to determine your correct arrow length if you insist on doing so at home. All you need is a measuring tape. Hold the tape measure in your left hand, with the blade side pointing to you. Extend your left arm as far as you can towards the front. Take the blade of the tape measure in your right hand and pull the blade all the way back towards you as if you want to measure your left arm.

Then pull your right hand back towards you until you can hook your index finger in the right-hand corner of your mouth. Lock the tape measure and take the reading. The average draw is 29 inches, so if you draw 29 inches, add 2 inches to that number, and you will have the basic length of the arrow you should use with your bow.

In that case, you will need to get yourself some 31-inch arrows to shoot with. Be sure to get the right size arrows. If unsure about your draw length, measure it again and again - an average of 3 times. It is always better to be sure than to regret it later.

Why does arrow length matter?

The reason behind finding the right arrow length is, first of all, for safety. If your arrow is too short for you, you may accidentally pull it back too far, and it will come off the rest, potentially shooting yourself through the hand. That is, obviously, not desirable and may scare you completely away from archery.

Make sure your arrows are long enough so you can pull back completely to your anchor point for full potential, without fear of the arrow coming off the rest and hurting you, or worse, someone else. There is also another professional reason for having the correct arrow length.

When you eventually get good enough, you might take part in professional competitions. In freestyle shooting, there is something you attach to your bow called the clicker. You pull your arrow back until it reaches the clicker. As soon as you have reached the clicker, you hear the click and fire your arrow.


That concludes the basic information concerning how long should arrows be. Hopefully, this will help you in your quest to becoming a proficient archer.

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