How To Drop A Deer With A Crossbow

How To Drop A Deer With A Crossbow
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If you’ve been trying to improve your hunting skills to such a level that you can expertly drop a deer with a crossbow, but you are not having a lot of success, you may just need a few tips and some words of advice to steer you in the right direction.

Learning to drop a deer in its tracks with a crossbow is a long process and takes time, but, with dedication and the right knowledge, it’s far from impossible. It is especially important to know how to drop a deer effectively to make the recovery process easier and simpler.

First things first, if you want to successfully take down a deer with a crossbow, you need to keep in mind where you should shoot and how you should aim.

How you aim will obviously determine where your shot goes, and the kind of shot you need to make will influence how you aim. The two go hand in hand and are important for taking the target down rather than missing or only injuring the deer, which increases the risk of it getting away.

Let’s take a look at the different areas that are best to aim at when taking down a deer with a crossbow.

The Heart and Lung Area

If you’re a beginner, this will be the easiest place for you to hit, as it has a bigger surface area. In addition, if your aim isn’t 100% accurate, this is a more forgiving area, because you can still drop a deer with a crossbow if you aim for this spot. This area is the best to aim for because the most vital organs and vessels are located in it. Your target will die quicker if you aim for the heart and lung area.

However, you should keep in mind that, if you hit the deer’s lungs first, it has a chance of escaping and will probably suffer a slow death.

How To Drop A Deer With A Crossbow

The High Shoulder Area

This is considered one of the best places you can shoot a deer to take it down with a crossbow. The animal’s spine anchors the nervous system around the top one-third of the shoulder. If your aim is true and you hit the high shoulder, the deer will die immediately because you will hit the spine, which will break it and cause central nervous damage.

However, the high shoulder area is much smaller than the heart and lung area. You have to be able to aim very carefully and shoot very accurately. If you are hunting a deer for its meat, you will have to skip this method, because it can result in a loss of a large portion of meat.

The Brain Area

This area, of course, will result in instant death and a rather clean kill. Most deer are rather small, and a shot to the head will be a definite hit to the brain. However, since it is so small, this area is difficult to aim at and can be missed easily. A crossbow shot to the head won’t result in as much of a loss of meat, so if you’re hunting for meat and your shot is good, this is a clean and more painless way to drop a deer.

The Neck Area

Another really good place to aim to drop a deer with a crossbow is the neck area. Just like a shot to the head, if it goes in right and you are accurate, this is an instant kill shot. The neck is home to the animal’s spinal cord, blood vessels, and vertebrae, which are all vital to its life.

If you aim here, you will have to be a good shot, though, because you might ruin a lot of meat. Even experienced crossbow hunters need to be very skilled to achieve this shot with as little mess as possible.


There are a number of good places to shoot a deer to take it down with a crossbow, and where you aim depends on what your level of hunting skill is. For beginners still learning the ins and outs of hunting, it is recommended to stick with the heart and lung area at first.

As you improve your accuracy, you can move on to the more effective but tricky shots, such as the brain and neck. If you take your shot and miss, don’t despair. You can always find another target or come back another day. If you’re really determined, you can track the deer that got away and try again.