How To Quiet Down A Crossbow

How To Quiet Down A Crossbow
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When you’re out hunting, stalking your prey, and taking aim, the last thing you want is for the noise of your crossbow to alert your target and make them move. Even an inch of movement can ruin a good shot and result in an animal getting hit where you didn’t aim. This can cause the animal to suffer a painful death or get away, leaving you cursing at how loud your crossbow is.

There is hope, however, and you can make the noise from your crossbow much less noticeable. Let’s take a look at the methods that crossbow hunters use to make less noise and improve their chances of taking a target by surprise.

Tips To Quiet Down A Crossbow

Run A Tight Ship

In most cases, all you need to do is make sure you’re running a tight ship - or rather, a tight crossbow. Often times, loose parts will be the reason your crossbow is making more noise than it should.

Invest in a good wrench (if you don’t already own one) and make sure to fasten all the...well, fasteners on your crossbow. This is by far the most cost-effective way to reduce the sound and noise from your crossbow.

Loose parts cause vibrations, which results in more noise. Check all your bolts and keep an eye on the two most common ‘trouble areas’:

Quiver brackets

These can come loose and they can do so rather often.

Scope mounts

Before going hunting, check that your scope mounts are on tightly to ensure silence.

Use Rubber

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common to find string stops on crossbows. While it used to be only the really expensive bows that came with them, the cheaper options now have them factory-installed, as well. You can also use rubber silencers on the limbs - it has become rather popular to do so, actually. How you set up your string stop depends on you, but most crossbow users do it so that the string ‘floats’ on the stopper, barely touching it.

Consider Going Heavy

With a crossbow, the arrow absorbs most of the energy that is used when firing, and that helps a lot with loud noises. You would be smart to invest in a heavier arrow. This way, you will know that the energy goes to the arrow more effectively, minimizing the noise a lot more than you would actually expect. Your crossbow will be slower, but heavier arrows have more momentum.

How To Quiet Down A Crossbow

Keep Everything in Mint Condition

You don’t necessarily have to go out of your way to make changes when it comes to reducing noise. It could simply be something as easy as making sure that your crossbow strings are properly waxed.

A dry string can add to the noise your weapon makes while hunting. On top of that, you will help prolong the life of your string if you make sure to keep it conditioned. You should also add lube on the rail so the contact noise made with the arrow is less.

Watch Your Own Noise

Many crossbow hunters are so involved in their shot that they forget that they can also accidentally alarm their prey and mess up their own shot. So much focus is placed on getting the shot right that you might forget to keep the noise you make to a minimum, as well. The only way to address this is with regular practice.

When you’re practicing, be sure to keep in mind your noise and get used to being quiet. If you condition yourself to be nice and quiet during practice, you will be far quieter in actual hunting scenarios. Try to keep your breathing normal, too. This helps with noise, as well as nerves.


Whether you are hunting for meat or trophy, you don’t want the moment you take aim and have your target right where you want it to be ruined by the noise made by your crossbow. There are a few things you can do to avoid making too much sound and giving your position away or spooking your target.

If you follow the suggestions discussed in this article, you should find that your crossbow is much quieter, which makes your hunting more quiet and gives you the best chance of pulling off a great shot.

By keeping your crossbow in good condition with wax and lube and making sure everything is nice and tight, you will also be able to keep noise to a minimum. Now go out there and have some good ol’ hunting fun!