Misayar 12Pcs/lot 30 Inch Carbon Arrows Review

Misayar 12Pcs/lot 30 Inch Carbon Arrows
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Quick Overview





  • Thick, durable
  • 100 Grain Broadhead
  • 3 Inch vanes
  • Fletched, nocked


  • Not for beginners

As you might know, one of the most popular weapons for practice and target shooting is a crossbow. Not only is it loved by weapon-enthusiasts, but also by experienced hunters, as this kind of a weapon can deliver some serious power.

Plus, it can be deadly for both small and big game. If you are an owner of one, you probably know that most of the modern models are made to be comfortable and feature an easy-to-draw system, so you can focus more on improving your accuracy and less on deploying this weapon to action.

One of the essentials, without which your crossbow wouldn’t be worth anything, are arrows.

Much like with the traditional bow and arrow technique, the arrow is stocked in a quiver. You deploy the crossbow by adjusting the rail and pressing the trigger.

Bearing this in mind, the quality of the arrows that you are using is of enormous importance.

Carbon arrows seem to work the best when it comes to durability and the ability to pierce through skin and flesh. Our personal favorite? The Misayar 12 Pcs 30-Inch Carbon Arrows set that is well-made and great for everyday use!

Misayar 12Pcs/lot 30 Inch Carbon Arrows

These are a set of arrows that will satisfy even the highest needs in terms of quality and build. What you are looking at here are 12 arrows made out of durable carbon that has a 7.8mm outer diameter as well as a 30-inch shaft.

The dimensions are perfect for both small and big game hunting, and compatible with recurve, compound, and longbows.

Investing in a product of this kind will allow you to have improved practice sessions and the fact that these arrows are nocked, fletched, and ready to be deployed is just what you are looking for if you are short on time and you only want to shoot for a little bit.

Overall, while not perfect for beginners due to a somewhat complex design, this is a worthy set that will be praised by experienced hunters.

Who is this product for?

As we have suggested above, these arrows are not ideal for beginners. Still, the fact that all twelve pieces are notched cut your time down and allow you to shoot them instantly, which is something both hunting and practice shooting enthusiasts will want.

Not to forget, they are not exclusive to recurve bow users either, as the owners of the compound and longbows can have some fun with these Misayar arrows as well.

What’s included?

Talking about what comes in this set of arrows, we are looking at twelve pieces that are made out of carbon and are 30 inches in shaft length.

Along with that, you will be getting a few target points that can come in handy, as well as the removable tips for when you want to deploy the Broadhead top.

Overview of Features

Starting off with the brand that stands behind this product, Misayar is there at your service.

Not only do they have a great 90-day refund window in case you are not satisfied with the product, but they also offer reliable customer service that will fix any issues, including missing arrows.

Regarding the design, these arrows are made out of durable carbon and come with 3-inch vanes of which two are orange, and one is red.

These arrows are powerful (400-grain spine) while the Broadhead itself is 100 grain and more than enough to pierce through deer’s skin and flesh.

While the shaft is quite lightweight, it is still thick and accurate, which, along with a proper crossbow, turns into a lethal combination.

There are certain weight inconsistencies, but it shouldn’t be off by too much. Overall, this set holds excellent value and is something that you should consider adding to your hunting kit!

How to Use It

These arrows are deployed much like any other carbon arrow. The only difference is that these are fletched and nocked, meaning you don’t have to do anything other than place them in the rail section.

In case there is anything that you are not comfortable with when it comes to using these arrows, consult with the excellent customer service.


  • Affordable
  • Thick, durable
  • 100 Grain Broadhead
  • 3 Inch vanes
  • Fletched, nocked


  • Not for beginners


Viare 20 Inch Carbon Crossbow Bolt

If you are looking for a somewhat upgraded version of the Misayar set, then we have got the right product for you.

Sitting at 8.8mm outer diameter and featuring 100-grain Broadheads, these arrows are incredibly lethal. Yes, the shaft is just 20 inches, but that still doesn’t mean that these are not effective when it comes to long-distance hunting.


If you are looking for a valuable set of arrows that will last you for more than a couple of hunting sessions an will also produce lethal results, then the Misayar 12Pcs 30-Inch Carbon Arrows seem like an optimal choice.

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