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XGear 160lbs 210fps Hunting Crossbow Review

XGear 160lbs 210fps Hunting Crossbow
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Quick Overview





  • Lightweight crossbow
  • Has an anti-dry-fire feature included
  • Not too expensive 


  • Not meant for the weaker user
  • More suitable for small game hunting 

Some purist bow hunters out there may say that crossbow hunting is cheating, but, then again, using a GPS map on your smartphone may also be seen as cheating when go hunting. In fact, any form of weaponry may be seen as cheating, but are we supposed to try to kill a deer with our bare hands? No!

We all need weapons to hunt, and what weapon we use depends on our personal preferences. Many people prefer the crossbow as their favorite weapon, because you aim with it the same way as you do with a rifle. This allows the crossbow hunter to shoot from different positions with ease. Let's have a look at one of the more favorable crossbows on the market.

The XGear 160lbs 210fps Hunting Crossbow

When using a crossbow for hunting or sport, it is easier to keep the crossbow loaded at full draw without effort after cocking the bow than with a normal bow. With the XGear crossbow, this is no exception, and they are easy to use for beginners, as well. This XGear crossbow weighs only 5.85 pounds and is equipped with the anti-dry-fire feature for safety reasons.

Who is this product for?

This crossbow is ideal for the beginner adult crossbow hunter. This lightweight crossbow will make it much easier for the beginner to concentrate on more important aspects of hunting without the worry of the heavy weight of the bow.

What is included?

When you buy this XGear crossbow, you also get a quiver and four aluminum arrows. This makes it easy to quickly get to the important reason for buying the crossbow - going out and actually using the bow. ‚Äč

Also included with the 160-pound XGear hunting bow is a red dot sight scope, as well as the padded sling and cocking rope, which makes your crossbow hunting experience much more pleasant. Last but not least, the wax and the stringer are also included in this convenient crossbow package.

Overview of the features

This hunting crossbow is the perfect hunting bow for beginner crossbow hunters. The ease of use with this crossbow and all the extras included make the difference when choosing the right crossbow.

The XGear Hunting Crossbow comes with everything included that you need to get started hunting. Choosing the perfect hunting crossbow is not easy, even when the price is not a factor.

If you are not interested in heavy game hunting, this entry-level hunting crossbow from XGear will be a perfect and safe crossbow for you. The scope and extras coming with the crossbow will make your hunting easier.

This XGear hunting crossbow is the most convenient, not just for the beginner, but also for the seasoned hunters out there who are looking for an all-in-one crossbow package that has everything included to just go out and start hunting.

How to Use It

To cock the XGear hunting crossbow, you need to face it down with the stirrup pressed to the ground. Put your foot in the stirrup to keep it down on the ground. Then, you use the cocking rope and hook it in the notches provided and pull the mechanism up towards your upper body to hook it behind the trigger mechanism.

You pull it back until you hear that click, and then it is cocked and ready to use. You may now load the arrow in the correct position, and you are ready to aim and shoot.

See the following YouTube video for complete instructions. Make sure to watch the video before using your crossbow for your personal safety and the safety of others.


  • Lightweight crossbow
  • Has an anti-dry-fire feature included
  • Not too expensive


  • Not meant for the weaker user
  • More suitable for small game hunting


An alternative to the XGear 160lbs 210fps Hunting Crossbow is the XGear 150lbs 325fps Hunting Crossbow that is more suited for heavier deer. Unfortunately, the prices for these items are not listed on Amazon, so there is no price comparison available. The hunting bow with a higher speed factor helps the hunter take down the bigger game.

The two crossbows are both suitable for hunting and archery shooting. The hunting crossbow that has higher arrow travel speed is a little heavier than the slower one, but it has a much higher impact punch.


For small game hunting, this may be the perfect crossbow. The XGear 160lbs 210fps Hunting Crossbow is a relatively easy to use and is a safe hunting crossbow. With all the extras included, this crossbow is ideal for the beginner crossbow user, as well as for the more experienced crossbow hunters.

The XGear 160lbs 210fps Hunting Crossbow is also perfect for target practice shooting. There are so many crossbows out there to choose from that it becomes quite a mission to choose the correct one for your personal preferences. Hopefully, this review will help you in making the right choice.